Experiencing God in the Psalms

The Psalms are a collection of 150 Hebrew Poems, Psalms and Prayers. 73 of them were written by David. 12 by Asaph. 11 by the sons of Korah. Solomon and Moses wrote 3. Heman and Ethan each wrote 1. And 49 of the Psalms were anonymous.

The Psalms are divided into five distinctive books. Each book gives us a different aspect of the nearness of God. Book one tells us that our God is beside us. Book two tells us that our God goes before us. Book three reveals that Our God is all around us. Book four tells us that He is above us. And from book five we understand that God is Among us.

This summer we’re going to get more intimately acquainted with God who is beside us, goes before us, is all around us, above us, and most incredible, He is among us.