Our Story

On August 1, 1863, the oldest Baptist Church in Colorado was started by Reverend William Whitehead. When those 16 disciples of Jesus asked Him to make them a gospel outpost in the rough and tumble town of Golden Colorado, I wonder if their vision was strong enough to allow them to see that First Baptist Church of Golden would still be on mission with Jesus in the Golden Community 158 years later?  As members of FBCG become part of the legacy of God’s gracious work in this community and around the world. From its inception FBCG has been committed to Jesus’ mission of reaching the world with the gospel. A sample of those mission statements include “The Gospel Center in the Heart of Golden,” “Making Disciples for a Changing World,” and “We Make Disciples in Every Age Group Across every Stage of Life” to the current mission statement, “To Be a Force for God’s Grace in Golden and Beyond by Being Disciples of Jesus.” Jesus promised that He would build His Church and the gates of Hell would not prevail against it. And we are honored to be part of expanding Jesus’ Kingdom as we participate in His Father’s mission of redeeming all of God’s creation, reconciling broken and sinful humanity back into relationship with God. FBCG in its 159-year history has had a lot of reasons and events that could have caused her to close her doors, but she has stood together with her members and therefore still stands today! Because God still has a purpose for us.