We think theology has incredibly practical and real implications for life. Here’s how we translate our theological beliefs into action:

We believe God the Father is the true God, the just and loving Father of all creation.

Therefore, we will proclaim His power and serve Him alone.

We believe Jesus is Lord, the resurrected Son of God and Savior of the world.

Therefore, we will follow Him and tell people about Him.

We believe the Holy Spirit is God’s presence, living in Christ-followers and revealing His truth.

Therefore, we will listen to Him and live holy lives in a world being remade.

We believe the Bible is the word of God, true and without error, the powerful authority for life.

Therefore, we will study it to know God and live by its truths.

We believe the Church is the Body of Christ, committed to one another and working to advance God’s kingdom.

Therefore, we will encourage and disciple one another, to see lives transformed.

We believe worship is exalting God through thoughts, acts of creativity and life.

Therefore, we will express our love for God in all we think, say and do.

We believe prayer is communicating with and building a relationship with God.

Therefore, we will pray continually and experience God’s presence.