Life Classes are on Sunday morning after our service. They’re an opportunity for us as a church community to connect and learn, to grow our relationships with each other and with our God. Following are our current class offerings.


We’ll follow along with the sermon series through the year looking at both the “Lower Story” of men and women interacting with God in the daily course of life and the “Upper Story”, God’s story, which is the tale of His great, overarching purpose that fits all the individual stories together like panels in one unified mural. This Life Class will help us discover God’s master plan unfolding in the lives of the Bible’s characters as well as in our own lives and experience the joy that comes as we align our stories with God’s.

// Facilitated by Duane and Murva Ann Rodgers. Room 204.


Engaging the Names of God for Powerful Christian Living

Most Christians read their Bibles at face value, especially when it comes to its repeated references to God. But woven throughout the pages of Scripture are unique and powerful names of God that most believers never see or understand, let alone invoke in worship and in relationship with an Almighty God. God chose to gradually and systematically reveal Himself and His character as mankind waded through life. Time after time God exposed a new name for Himself on the heels of failure among His people and through this name revelation He continually empowered them to be more effective, vibrant, worshipful followers of Christ.  His names reach far beyond just “God” or “Lord” and embody the very essence of a perfect, holy, righteous, powerful, almighty, loving, caring, just Creator of the universe.

This Life Class will focus on the many names of God, the context of their revelation to man, and their meanings. More importantly, however, will be the fresh discovery of who God really is as we wrap our arms around the amazing ways every believer can draw on His names for encouragement, empowerment and comfort while accurately and effectively engaging them in worship and prayer.

// Facilitated by Randy Versaw and Steve Gay. Room 206.


This class is a journey through God’s Word in the experience of going from the curse of sin in our lives to the transformation that God brings as we surrender to His grace and power. It’s the adventure of moving from the Fall to the Fulfillment of God’s will and grace. We’ll look at what it means to be not only informed but transformed to where we live our lives out in the power of the Holy Spirit to please God.

// Facilitated by Rick Messer and Jon Banks. Room 219.


A class for people of all nationalities and religious backgrounds who desire to learn about the Bible and/or practice their English.

// Facilitated by Terry and Trudy Thomson. Fellowship Hall.